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Liquid Biopsy

What is it?​
Liquid biopsy is a minimally-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies, which enables molecular characterization of a tumour through a simple blood, urine, or, in the case of brain tumours, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) sample. Our liquid biopsy efforts have focused on circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) samples obtained from CSF.  ​

We are using a capture-based deep sequencing method with unique molecular identifiers (UMI),  small oligo sequences that help identify amplification errors — essential when implementing sequencing from scarce ctDNA at high sequencing depths. ​

Our advantage:​

Our team will be able to leverage the unique abilities of this technology to create the first Canadian pediatric brain tumour liquid biopsy platform to complement diagnosis and monitor minimal residual disease in pediatric patients. ​

With this test, we will diagnose specific mutations, monitor response to therapy, predict progression/recurrence, and identify early signs of resistance or additional mutations. This will also serve as a proof of principle for the development of this testing for other pediatric cancers. 


Clinical Applications of Liquid Biopsy copy (8).png

Interested in learning more? Please visit DPLM for a requisition form.

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