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1X Modified Lysis Buffer

50mM HEPES             5.96 grams
150mM NaCl              4.38 grams
10% Glycerol              50mL
1% Triton X-100         5mL
1mM EDTA                  0.186 grams
100mM NaF               2.10 grams
10mM NaPPi             2.23 grams

ddH2O Top up to 500mL

Store at 4degrees


Before use, add these to 1X Modified Lysis Buffer:

Additive                                                           Stock Solution                       Amount to add to 5mL Lysis buffer

PMSF (dissolve in DMSO)                                      100mM                                                          50uL

Store at -20

Na3VO4                                                                    200mM                                                          25uL

Store at -20

B-Glycerophosphate                                              500mM                                                         100uL

Store at RT

Sodium Deoxycholate                                            10% (w/v) in water                                      500uL   
[Final] in sol’n =1% 
Store at RT. Tin Foil.

Roche Complete Mini                                             Tablets                                                          1/2 Tablet

Store at 4 deg
Cat# 11 836 153 001

Lot# 14015000

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