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Scott Milos, MSc

Clinical Research Technologist

BSc, University of Western Ontario, Honours Specialization in Physiology and Pharmacology

MSc, University of Western Ontario, Physiology and Pharmacology


What’s your background?

I am from Toronto and have lived here most of my life, with a few stints in Calgary and London, ON. From a young age, I wanted to pursue a career within the pharmacy industry. Consequentially, I began my studies in Physiology and Pharmacology at UWO. In the future, I would like to do R&D within the pharma industry.

Why science?

Science is interesting and fun! I enjoy addressing a problem or scientific question in a creative fashion by trying a new approach or technique. There are lots of opportunities to play and tinker within the scope of your project. Furthermore, it feels good knowing that the results of your research may be used to help better the lives of others.


Do you have any advice for someone interested in a career in research?

My advice for someone interested in a career in research is to pursue it if you genuinely like it. High-level research is challenging but can also be very rewarding. Experiments don’t always work out the way you expect and when they don’t, try not to take it personally.

What do you like to do for leisure?

I like playing Frisbee golf and reading science fiction novels. I also enjoy trying new experiences around the city; so much so that some of my co-workers call me a Toronto blogger (I do not blog).

Any song or book recommendations?

Lately I’ve been listening to the album Morbid Stuff by local Toronto band PUP.


If someone were to make a movie about your life, what would the title be?

Untitled (The Best Is Yet to Come)

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