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Paediatric Low-Grade Glioma Panel​

The Problem:​

Paediatric low-grade gliomas (pLGG) are a heterogeneous set of tumours that encompass tumours of astrocytic, oligodendroglial and mixed glial-neuronal histology. Recent molecular data points towards distinct genetic alterations that may help with diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic guidance. Clinically, gene fusions are typically identified using fluorescent in situ hybridization — a costly, labour intensive procedure that can only identify one type of fusion event. ​

Our Solution:​

Using the NanoString nCounter Gene Expression system, we offer a panel that can identify common pLGG gene fusions (BRAF, FGFR), characterize BRAFV600E mutation status, and classify copy number state. Our system provides a more comprehensive clinical option to support the molecular diagnosis and improve therapy selection for pLGG patients.​

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