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Liam Hewson, BSc, MSc

Graduate Student - PhD

BSc, Genetics and Microbiology, Massey University
MSc, First Class Honours – Genetics, Massey University

Liam Hewson Profile Photo.jpg

What’s your background?

I grew up in a small beach town called Whangaparaoa after moving to New Zealand from Australia when I was six. I did my undergraduate studies and earned my MSc with First Class Honours in Genetics at Massey University. I then worked as a research technician at the University of Auckland. 

Why science?

Despite barely passing my courses in high-school I found that I would always get home and watch Youtubers like Hank Green and Veritasium. I love to learn and think about the universe and how it’s every bit in us as we are in it. Also, Science has more practical applications than philosophy.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in a career in research?

1.    Get familiar with the field of epistemology – it will enhance your critical thinking skills. 
2.    Most things you do in the lab will not work out the way you hoped. 
3.    Failure is an inevitability, but it’s the only way to learn so embrace it

What do you like to do for leisure?

Back in Aotearoa (New Zealand) I used to take part in a monthly philosophy/politics circle so If you’re into that let me know! I also love improvising on guitar/making music.

Any song or book recommendations?

Books: Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes.
Song: Ice V by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

If someone were to make a movie about your life, what would the title be?

Liam – Big Man, Small Brain.

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